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Tell us about you and your little ones' experience reading Bunny Bath!

Bunny Bath by Heather Herzog is a delightful rhymed escapade including so many bunnies in the bath! I can hear my 3-year-old yell out the numbers when he was a little guy by the time we reached the 3rd bunny. These are the rhymes we repeat in our minds for a lifetime (Especially when Mom or Grandma giggle with us while she reads it.) Cat Eskey did a beautiful job with the illustrations. Any child reading this will immediately get caught up in the bubbles and anticipation of yet another bunny! Well done, ladies! My only regret is that this book didn't exist when my boys were little.
Peggy M McAloon
Author of Elle Burton Series
"This is a perfect counting book for toddlers. It is charming, well illustrated, and it rhymes. The little ones will love to hear this one over and over again, learning a few numbers in the meantime."
Marta E Magellan
"My little grandson LOVES Bunny Bath! At this sitting I read it to him 3 times. Later that day he requested his mommy read it several times before bedtime."
Carol Grimm
Teacher and Grandmother
"This was so much fun to read with my 20 month old neighbor! He loved it and so did I!"
"My daughter loves Bunny Bath. I purchased this book to read to my daughter at bed time. She just loves it and now I have to read it to her every night. The illustrations are very cute and well drawn. Plus this book also is a good idea, because it helps teach children to count. I highly recommend this book to mothers and others who like owning great children's books."
This book is pure fun! I bought two copies of Bunny Bath as a gift for a newborn, and a gift for a toddler. It makes me wish I knew more small children since I would gladly buy more copies! Bunny Bath is a delightful read, with word repetition in just the right places (KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK...hop,hop,hop) so that a child will repeat it with anticipation for the next page, and the next bunny. The illustrations are colorful without being loud. The bunnies look like real bunnies so a child can recognize the animal, and bunnies are CUTE! The cover bunny is enough to draw anyone in, even this adult. I read this book to myself, and, even though I knew what was coming, I eagerly turned each page. When my son was young, my criteria for buying books for him were being able to connect with him, and being able to act out the words. It has to be fun, and this book is!
Debra Zucco
"Bunny Bath is a WONDERFULLY written and illustrated book! My grandchildren request it to be read over and over again. As a former kindergarten teacher I highly recommend Bunny Bath for the classroom, home use, anywhere use! It makes a perfect gift for a newborn or book for a new grandparent. The engaging text and illustrations help teach counting in a fun, delightful way. My grandson kept repeating the literary content .... couldn't have a better compliment!"
Amazon Customer
"Don't miss this child's book - destined to be a classic! LOVED the alliteration, the creative use of words! The illustrations are delightful, and children as old as five love it too, as well as some of my adult friends who don't have children."
DG Fisher
"I bought this book for my second cousin. She loves it! Would definitely recommend this book!"
Becky Bassett
"Super cute and entertaining book for little ones! Lots of fun repeating words for speech development and fantastic illustrations!!! Love this book :)"
Dayna Hughes
Speech Pathologist and Teacher
"This book makes bath time so much fun! Perfect for toddlers! Highly recommend!"
Amazon Customer
"Charming and whimsical – a must for all young children learning to count! I love the alliteration that is present throughout the book…and the pure silliness that instantly draws you in. The story is playful and fun, and children get to see and hear AND experience the numbers to really reinforce the learning. I love that the bunnies are each a little different. The illustrations are adorable and lighthearted. The counting stops at the magical numbers 7 so the counting is very manageable for young children. There’s a fun surprise ending that I did not see coming. Overall, very sweet and charming with adorable illustrations to match."
Patricia A Costello
"We love this book! Helps kids with counting and the kids love making all the silly sounds! Illustrations are wonderful too! We have read it so much, the kids almost know the words by heart!"
Pamela Timlin
Nurse and Mother
"Wiggly,Wriggly, Scrubbly Bubbly Bunny Bath is good clean fun! The illustrations and text work perfectly together. Children will love counting how many bunnies are in the bath!"
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